Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chapter 1

It was utterly impossible! How could the enemy attack them so easily from inside out? Had her people decieved her and her father? Had they created a magical spell to disguise them as humans? None of this she knew. All she was aware of was that her father's land was under attack and she had to do something to stop it. She ran down the hallways of her castle, desperate to go to the battlegrounds to fight. She refused to be locked inside her chamber and have total disregard for the innocent people of her land. She wore a tight-fitted black mid-drift with sleeves that reached her wrists. She also wore loose trousers that belonged to her father and black combat boots. Women weren't exactly encouraged to dress like a man but she was trained to fight. As a lady of influence, she had to know how to fight in a battle to take over her father when he wasn't around anymore. Her main weapons were twin daggers that were given by a sorceror at the age of 12. The sorceror said that he had forseen her future and it was indeed full of war and grievances. The daggers though, were not usual ones. They were enchanted by the sorceror to cause damage to the enemy ten times more than the usual dagger. They also worked as a force field when both the daggers touched at the blade. She always kept them in sheaths hung securely on either sides of her hips.

She was nearly at the doorway when suddenly, the door swung open with a bang that made her stop in her tracks.
" Where do you think you're going Lady Erinyes ? " grunted a tall , built and bulky figure of a disfigured being. It was mainly grey-ish with some streaks of black and brown. It was extremely ugly with it's eyeballs slightly protruding and a rather large snout with big, yellow and a tinge of red teeth. It wore a metal plate on it's huge chest and shoulder plates coated with spikes that screamed pain and torture. It was indeed the leader of it's pack. She knew this because the other creatures were not as big. The creature plunged